PVC Multinorm Cable (H)05VV5-F


Premium (H)05VV5-F PVC flexible multinorm cable with multiple international approvals suitable for almost global usage, also in harsh conditions:

UL-Recognized, CSA, VDE/HAR, EAC (former GOST), CCC 4-norm (0,5-2,5mm², 2-50 cores). AWM style 2587 (90°C / 600V).

UL-Recognized, CSA 2-norm (0,5-120mm², 2-100 cores). AWM style 2587 (90°C / 600V).

Suitable for application in machinery, plant and equipment manufacture, for control equipment on machine tools subjected to medium mechanical stress. Suitable for fixed or flexible installation, where free movement is required without tensile stress and without forced guidance systems, in dry, damp and/or wet interiors (including water-oil mixtures). Not suitable for outdoors use or direct burial.

CE - Conformity to EC Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. ROHS conformity and meets REACH requirements.

PVC Multinorm Cable Construction
Flammability Flame retardant according CSA FT1/IEC 332.1.
Conductor Bare, fine wire according to VDE 0295 cl.5 IEC cl. 5
Insulation Special PVC
Core identification Black with white numbering
Stranding Cores stranded in layers
Sheath Special PVC, black or grey, oil resistant
PVC Multinorm Cable Technical Data
Nominal Voltage acc. VDE 300/500V
Nominal Voltage acc. UL + CSA 600V
Test Voltage 3000V
Insulation resistance > 20 MΩ x km
Conductor temp acc. HAR -5°C ... 70°C
Conductor temp acc. UL + CSA 5°C ... 90°C
CPR class EN 50575 Eca
Conductor Sizes
0,5-120mm², 2-100 cores available on request, metric or AWG copper construction possible.